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Cancellation Letter Writing Tips

In terms of business relationship or some formal contracts you may require communicating professionally even if you plan on cancelling a contract. If you have decided to cancel or terminate some service/ contract/ agreement/ meeting/ interview or any formal commitment you need to inform the concerned person formally. A cancellation letter is an officially written document used when you want to discontinue or cancel receiving the service from any organization.

If you are cancelling something in business situations, it is always suggested to have a written communication regarding the cancellation as proof to avoid any future dispute. When you wish to cancel an account/ service with a company, you can write a formal cancellation letter. This letter gives you the platform to outline your desire to cancel, as well as specific reason/ requirement involved in the cancellation. By writing a letter of cancellation, you can also retain a copy for your records. There are different types of formal cancellation letters used for various situations in business communication. Here, you will find some tips that will help you write an effective letter for your intention.

Basic Guidelines for Effective Business Letter Writing

  • Start you letter with the company’s address, with which you wish to cancel, as well as your own name, address and the date of writing.
  • Write the letter in a polite, yet professional, tone. Even if your experience of dealings with the company have been less than agreeable. Compose your letter brief and to the point. Never use threatening or informal language in your letter.
  • Start your letter by official addressing such as “Dear Mr. / Mrs. / Ms. with name” and if you do not have a contact name, you can address your letter using “Dear Sir or Madame” or “To Whom it May Concern.”
  • It should cover all the relevant information, such as the current date, name and address of the organization, name and designation of the concerned person and any other code or account number involved in the business. Give a genuine reason of cancellation in polite manner.
  • Include the details regarding the payment and the refund clearly as this will help your cancellation to be processed more quickly and without hassle. Clearly notify the company that they are no longer allowed to withdraw payments. Include your reference or account number if it is required.
  • Clearly state the date from which you wish the cancellation to be effective. If you want your cancellation to be processed within a time frame, do not forget to mention it in your letter.
  • Never forget to provide your own contact details. This will be required by the organization to revert to you regarding the cancellation.
  • Proofread your letter of cancellation to correct any mistake. This official communication should be flawless.
  • Sign the letter before sending it to the organization.

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