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Tips for Writing Effective Timeshare Cancellation Letter

Here are some tips and guidance for writing a timeshare cancellation letter.

  • Keep the tone of your cancellation professional. Write a brief letter to make your letter a quick read by pitching straight into the matter and keeping your comments succinct in the first paragraph.
  • Usage of flowery big words or long, meandering sentences are strictly not allowed in the letter of cancellation.
  • If you are writing the letter on your official letterhead there is no need to mention your address or contact details. You can start with the name and address of the party/parties you are addressing your letter to.
  • Put the current date and proper salutation in the letter.
  • Write clearly and concisely to let your reader know exactly what you are trying to communicate.
  • Explain the reason of your cancellation in a positive manner. Conclude the last paragraph with a summary of your points and clearly outline your planned course of action or what you expect from the recipient.

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