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Congratulation Letter for Business/ Company Anniversary

Company Anniversary Congratulation Letter Sample Format
Company Anniversary Congratulation Letter

A congratulation letter for business or company anniversary is written to celebrate the success of the business establishment of a dear one. The letter intends to wish them well for their hard work and persistence. In this post are sample congratulation letter for company anniversary, congratulations letter example and company anniversary congratulation letter template that can be used to draft a letter by customizing the details.

Company Anniversary Congratulation Letter Template


The Chief Executive Officer

Earth Iron and Steel Works Limited

California, United States of America

Subject: Letter of Congratulations for Business Anniversary

Respected Sir,

I hope you are in good health and celebrating for your tremendous success in business. I am writing this letter of congratulations to you and your team on behalf of my staff and I. We have been an active part of the journey of growth of your business and so, we wanted to show our happiness and support to you on achieving this milestone.

We remember the days when the company had just begun its operations. The amount of toil and hard work that all of us together have put in to see this company grow is just indescribable. All the ups and downs we have faced as a team, you have led us till here. All the efforts and patience have now finally grown fruits and we are extremely happy and proud to some extent.

You, Sir, have been the backbone of the company literally. We owe you a great deal of love and respect for all that you have done for us and the company. For the same, the staff members have arranged a party to celebrate this tremendous success. The party is at 1700 hours on Friday. We look forward to your approval and you coming to the party. We wish and pray for the best for you and your family. Thank you so much, for everything, Sir.


The Managerial Board

August 16, 2022

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