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How to Write a Donation Letter

Donation letter is usually written in order to make a formal request of donation. It could be written by the head, chairperson, project coordinator or any other authorized person of a non-profitable organization or NGO. Donation request letter conveys the appeal for donation in an organized and professional manner. It is generally addressed to the corporate houses, business organizations and the affluent elites of the society.

It could be considered as a form of marketing for the benefit of the underprivileged. Generous people who donate for the betterment of the mankind do not love show-off but they deserve a kind thank you gesture. A humble and precise thank you letter is the best way to appreciate their efforts. It also ensures the future support and help of the current donor.

Follow these easy guidelines to make your letter effective and successful.

  • Make an outline of all the important elements you want to include in your letter. This will help you to mention all these points without confusion and in an organized manner.
  • A precise and factual letter delivers the essence of writing more effectively in comparison of long and complex note.
  • Follow the standard format of business letter writing as this is a formal request.
  • Compose it on your official letterhead. An official writing pad provides an authenticity and professionalism to the correspondence.
  • Start your request with a formal salutation.
  • Enter the current date followed by a factual subject line.
  • Subject line should short and meaningful.
  • State your purpose of writing in the opening lines of the letter. Mention your intention in a simple and humble manner.
  • First paragraph is the best place to set the entire notion of your writing. Do not write a long and over dramatizing story to present your request of donation. State tour appeal in a easy and understandable language.
  • Introduce your organization and give a brief description about the cause you are working for in the opening paragraph.
  • You can emphasize the remarkable work that your organization has done with detailed information of the beneficiaries.
  • Write some persuasive lines to motivate the reader for the charity. In the last paragraph express that you are quite confident about donation. Always thank the reader in advance for his future help.
  • Do not forget to mention that donation is tax deductible. Write that donation will serve him a dual benefit as it is not only tax deductible but also win him the countless blessings.
  • Close it with a complimentary formal closing.

Given Below are a few donation letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Donation Request Letter for Cancer Patients
Donation Letter for Flood Victims
Donation Letter for a Sick Person
School Donation Request Letter Template

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  • ephraim May 3, 2018, 7:40 am

    good morning Marisa,
    please can you assist me with sample letter requesting donation or sponsorship of my daughter ‘s 21st birthday party, which will take place on 31 December 2018.letter will be send to vendors CEO,Churches,individual.shops ,school. Political party and etc.

    your cooperation is always highly appreciated .


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