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Donation Thank You Letter

Donation thank you letter is usually written by the head, chairman, project coordinator or the founder of a certain community, NGO, or non-profitable foundations. It serves as a formal thank you note to the generous donor. This is the best way to appreciate the kindness and bigheartedness of a certain donor. It is one of the most popular letter ideas as it conveys the thankfulness in a proper manner. It motivates the donor for future charity.

It provides a dual benefit as it strengthens the relationship with donors and help in securing future funding for your organization. On other hand it also serves as a record of a gift or cash and can be used for tax purposes.

Sample Donation Thank You Letter


Ms. Kathy Yoke


Cherub’s Shelter

45/ 6 New Streets

California 5797


Ms. Patricia Crag


Fine Fabric Industries

8, Dwell Towers

California 5797

Date: 13 Jun, 2014

Subject: Thank You Letter for Donation

Dear Ms. Crag,

I am writing this to express our gratitude on behalf of Cherub’s Shelter for your generous donation. I would like to thank you for all your kind support in form of donation. All the children of our orphanage are highly grateful for you.

I have enclosed documents regarding your donation. It includes the bills of winter clothes, books, eatables, medicines and toys. It will serve you for your deduction in tax purposes.

I have also attached some pictures to show the gratefulness of our orphanage’s children. You are requested to find the documents and see the pictures. I would like to invite you to visit us sometime. Your kind support is anticipated in our future endeavors.

Thanking you.


Kathy Yoke


Cherub’s Shelter

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