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Tips for Writing an Effective Sponsorship Letter

Sponsorship letter is a formal letter written by an individual or an organization to request for a sponsorship. It is most likely written by the project coordinator, project head, director or other authorized person of a non-profit organization, religious institution, school or other organizations who do not receive government aids. These organizations usually depend on the corporate houses, business organizations or the rich elites of the society for its functioning.

A coherent sponsorship letter presents your purpose in bright light. It provides all the relevant information regarding the sender and the purpose of sponsorship. Though there are several ready made samples and examples on how to write such letters, a generic letter can never serve your purpose. Hence, is always advisable to compose it according to your requirement.

Here are some effective tips on how to write a sponsorship letter to make your attempt successful.

  • Compose it on your company’s letterhead as this is an official correspondence. Such letter written on official letterheads makes the communication more professional and authentic.
  • Write it in block style business letter writing format.
  • Make a precise and meaningful message including all the essential facts.
  • Write your name, title, organization, address and contact details. Skip two lines and enter the same information of the recipient.
  • Write down the current date on which you send it. Avoid using abbreviated form of mentioning date as it creates ambiguity.
  • Make a significant subject line to deliver the gist of the letter in first glance.
  • Start it with a formal salutation.
  • Provide a brief introduction of your company in the opening paragraph. Spell out the exact purpose, event or the cause for which you seek sponsorship. Do not get into details in the first paragraph.
  • Propose your offer with honesty as a genuine request always get accepted. Do not exaggerate your claims. Do not write false statements to convince the recipient.
  • Expand the key points in the middle paragraph. Provide all the required information to present your proposal in an effective manner.
  • Sponsors always look for the benefits whether tangible or intangible. Explain how the sponsors can benefit.
  • Emphasize the benefits in the middle paragraph. If it is for some social cause, add some motivation lines to touch the heart of the recipient. On other hand if it is something business oriented, encourage him by explain the monetary benefits.
  • Make it most factual and significant. Summarize all the key points of above paragraph in the concluding paragraph. Highlight the most useful information.
  • Provide your contact details clearly in the letter and request the recipient to contact you for further discussions. You may also request them to contact you to fix up a meeting regarding the offer of sponsorship.
  • Do not forget to thank the recipient in the last paragraph. Gesture of gratitude is mandatory as you are writing an appeal letter for financial assistance.
  • Enter the formal valediction complimenting the opening salutation. “Sincerely”, “Truly”, “Faithfully” or something similar to it will be an appropriate choice.
  •  Proofread it carefully before handing it over to the recipient. Correct the grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors. A flawless letter demonstrates your professionalism and credibility.
  • Put your signature on the final document and send it straight to the recipient.

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