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Leave Letter

Long Medical Leave Application Format after Surgery

Sample Medical Leave Application Medical Leave Application Format: If you have been suggested by doctor a bed rest for a long time after surgery then you must inform about the same to your institution. It can be your [...]

Sample of Circular to employee for leave without information

When employees take leave without information, the working of the companies gets arrested. Therefore, it is important to roll out a leave circular. Management can write memo to staff on leave application that explains leave procedure for employees [...]

Formal Absence Excuse Letters for Missing Work - Excuse Letter Example

Excuse Letter for Missing Work due to illness

If you have been unable to make it to work then you must inform the same to your boss or manager in writing. Leave for absence letter is quite a simple letter which mentions about the reason for [...]

Letter for Leave without Permission

Warning Letter For Leave Without Permission

If you have been absent from duty without permission then writing a letter apologizing for this action is a must. This letter gives you a chance to present your reason in writing because of which you were compelled [...]

Tips to write a Paternity Leave Letter

Writing a paternity leave letter is not an easy task and you to handle the letter professionally it may fail to seek the permission. Some tips are given below to help you. It is a formal way of [...]

Paternity Leave Letter

Paternity Leave Letter

A Paternity leave letter is written with the same reason as maternity leave letter is meant. Nowadays, this type of letter is a common thing to inform the concerned authority that an individual wants to take a leave [...]

Tips for Writing a Leave of Absence Letter

A leave of absence letter needs a proper handling of the subject, especially the reason to leave. To make your letter perfect, you can follow the tips stated below. Your letter should be in a formal style as [...]

Leave of Absence Letter

Leave of Absence Letter

A leave of absence letter is written to inform the concerned department about the reason of being absent from the work. An employee writes this letter to the management team giving the details of his/her leave that is [...]

Tips for Writing Effective School Leave Letter

A school leaves letter deals with giving a reason for a leave to a school authority. To make your letter perfect and convincing one, follow the tips given below. The letter should be written in a formal style [...]

School Leave Letter

School Leave Letter

A school leave letter is written to inform a school authority about a leave taken by any education entity in a school. This letter can be written by students and teachers to inform an authority of a school [...]

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