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Leave Letter Due to Bad Weather/ Heavy Rain

Leave Letter Due to Bad Weather/ Heavy Rain
Leave Letter Due to Heavy Rain

An application letter may be written in case the employee is unable to get to work due to bad weather conditions. This letter serves as an important intimidation as the work of the employee needs to be covered and gives time to the boss to make arrangements for it due to unavailability of the employee.

In this post are examples of Leave Letter due to bad weather, employee leave letter due to heavy rainfall and leave application due to heavy rainfall. You can also find sample leave letter format related to bad weather leave letter that can serve as easy reference.

Leave Letter For Work Due To Bad Weather


The HR Manager

Earth Ventures Ltd.

California, United States of America

Subject: Leave letter due to bad weather

Respected Sir

With all due respect, I write this letter requesting to be excused from coming to office today, that is August 30, 2022 due to bad weather conditions in my locality. The monsoon season is here and is causing difficulty for people to get to work. The roads of my locality are under construction. The rains have restricted any possible movement of vehicles and even people due to the under-progress drainage system. Long hours of power shortage are also adding to the problems.

Due to all this, it is not possible for me to leave home and come to work. Hereby, I request you to grant me a day’s leave. I promise to finish my pending work today here at home and submit them tomorrow, first thing in the morning.

Thank you for your time, attention and cooperation.


Nate Paige

Senior Sales Manager

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