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Leave Letter to Boss

A leave letter to boss, as its name says, it is written to inform the boss of the company about taking leave for a certain purpose. The subordinate employees of the company write this letter to make a request of taking leave so that they can attend some other affairs. Every company follows its rule to maintain the leave request. The letter should be polite in manner and should present a satisfactory reason for granting leave. You need to write this letter in a convincing way.

Here in the sample of the leave letter to boss, an employee writes this letter to request his boss about taking leave for making preparation of his daughter’s marriage.

Sample Leave Letter to Boss


Gary Black

607 Mower Drive

Calgary, AB T2R 0A9

Sep 15, 2014


Kent Hemingway

Dwight Associates

573 Bank Street

London, ON N6A 5R2

Dear Boss,

RE: Permission to take leave

The purpose of this is to convey my request for granting leave for a few days in the next week. As my daughter Lily is getting married next month, there a lot of work is left to complete. For making the full preparation, I need some days off from my work.

I am requesting for the leave, starting from Sep 20 to 26 2014. It is total 7 days leave, which I am asking you to approve. As it is an important thing to me, we need time to make everything perfect.

I will back to the work as soon as possible, but till then I evenly distributed my work among the colleagues to maintain the balance. Once everything is finalized, I will be free to some extent.

Thank you for your kind understanding of my leave request.

Yours Truly,

Gary Black

Given Below are a few Leave Letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Circular for Employee For Leave without Information

Approval Letter to Boss for Vacation Leave
If you have to go out on a vacation then writing a leave letter to boss is a must. Letter to boss for approval of vacation leave is very important because you are not only seeking his permission.

Leave Letter to Manager
A leave letter to manager is produced to inform the management department of a company regarding granting leave for an employee.

Marriage Leave Letter
A leave letter for marriage is written to inform the employer about taking leave for the marriage issue.

Leave Request Letter
A leave request letter is written to inform the superior about a leave from the work for a stipulated period.

Annual Leave Letter
An annual leave letter is written for applying annual leave, which allotted to every employee according to the company’s rule.

Sample Sick Leave Letter
Sick leave letter is the most common letter used in our daily life either you are a student or a professional.

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