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6 Tips for Writing Leave Letter to Boss

Leave letter to boss deals with the subject of taking leave so that it should be handled in a proper way. Follow the tips to make your letter presentable to the boss.

  • As it is addressed the boss, the letter should be written in a formal style and in a presentable manner.
  • The tone of the letter should be polite in a manner since it is a request letter for granting leave.
  • You need to present the duration of your leave so that your boss can arrange a substitute to maintain a work flow during your absence.
  • You should present a satisfactory reason of taking leave before the boss; otherwise, your boss has the right to turn down your request.
  • Explain why the leave is so important for you; and to make your request strong, you can assure your boss of maintaining the work.
  • Close your letter professionally with a positive note of approving your requested leave.

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