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Tips for Writing a Sick Leave Letter

Here we have provided some tips to writing effective sick leave letter.

  • Compose it on the official letterhead as this a formal communication between the employee and the organization.
  • Follow the format of business letter writing as this a formal sick absence request letter.
  • Keep the letter short, clear and understandable.
  • Keep the tone of the letter formal and sincere.
  • Write simple and meaningful sentence to deliver your message without ambiguity.
  • Address it directly to the human resource manager, supervisor, head of department or the authorized person.
  • Enter the current date and create a subject line.
  • Subject line should be factual and clear to convey your message in first glance.
  • Start it with a formal and appropriate salutation.
  • State the purpose of writing in the initial lines.
  • Get straight to the point in the first paragraph without providing the background information of the sickness.
  • Mention your doctor’s recommendation and the time frame you required to recuperate.
  • Provide details of the current project and if you have transferred it some of your colleague.
  • Attach the copy of the doctor’s report with it.
  • Express your gratitude for the consideration of your request in the end.
  • Close it with a formal complimentary closure notation.

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