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Reference Letter

Financial Reference Letter from Accountant Template

If you are an accountant working in the financial industry and you have been asked to verify certain information about one of your clients or employer then you can always write an accountant reference letter. The recommendation letter [...]

Character reference letter format, writing tips

Character Reference Letter Format The Character Reference Letter is usually written by someone who knows you well and can attest to your character. The purpose of writing such a letter is to positively attribute to the characteristics of [...]

Character Reference Letter for Court Child Custody

Character Reference Letter for Court Sample Character Reference Letter Template: If you are seeking the custody of your child then you have to have a character reference letter for child custody as it is an important document in [...]

thank you for referring email to employees template

Thank You Email for a Job Referral When companies are looking for references from their employees, they write a letter asking for references and when they get references, they write thank you letter for a job referral to [...]

Army and Military Referral letter for Private Hiring

Army Letter of Recommendation Just like in any other field, referral letters are also used for recommendations for private hiring in army. The referral letter for private hiring in army are effective in suggesting someone for the opening. [...]

Writing a business reference letter is nothing but satisfying a purpose of a business by referring some options. You can follow the tips to write down your letter. You need to write your letter in a business format [...]

Business Reference Letter

Business Reference Letter

A business reference letter is written only for the business purpose to recommend an individual or any service to a company. The person who writes the letter on behalf of an applicant must have a sound knowledge about [...]

A character reference letter for friend deals with the presentation of the qualities and abilities of a friend according to the field of application. Here some tips are given below. Write your letter in a formal style as [...]

Character Reference Letter for Friend

Character Reference Letter for Friend

A character reference letter for friend is written to get your friend’s application for a certain job is approved by the authority. In getting a desired job, a reference letter plays a very important role and if it [...]

Tips on Writing a Reference Letter for Landlord

Writing a landlord reference letter is nothing but presenting your thoughts about a tenant. To write you own letter, you can follow the tips stated below. Write your letter in a formal way as you are communicating formally [...]

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