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Character Reference Letter for Friend

A character reference letter for friend is written to get your friend’s application for a certain job is approved by the authority. In getting a desired job, a reference letter plays a very important role and if it handled properly, the reference can be approved by the concerned authority. Many people use different tactics to get a right job and character reference letter is one of them. The letter deals with some qualities of the applicant that perfectly goes with the field of application. The letter has a great potential as it the character reference letter made by a friend. But make sure, the person who writes this letter is in a good position professionally.

Here in the example, an individual writes this letter to his friend to recommend his name for the post of warehouse supervisor of a certain company.

Sample Character Reference Letter for Friend


Henry Dewer,
Legislative Department,
Konari Company,
556, Yolaps Street,
Gaseto, DA 482


Mr. Alex Ben,
Alexis Enterprises,
482, Nurets Street,
Coola, CD 4822

23rd November 2014

Dear Sir,


In reference to the application of Mr. Paul Schimmer, I am writing this letter to you to give important details about him. As far as I know him, his skills suit the recommended criteria of the warehouse supervisor of your company.

Mr. Schimmer is a good friend of mine and we together worked on many projects. Beyond the professional relation, we share a close friendship which started from the primary school and continues till date. He is a loyal, hardworking and a very intelligent person which increases his ability to handle any situation with tactfully. I can assure you that he will prove beneficial for your company.

Thanking you in anticipation of your positive action.

Yours faithfully,

Henry Dewer,

Legal Officer,

Konari Company.

Given Below are a few Reference Letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Character Reference Letter Writing Tips
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Reference Letter for a Friend
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A work reference letter is written to make a recommendation for an individual for a certain.

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