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Work Reference Letter

A work reference letter is written to make a recommendation for an individual for a certain post in a company. This letter has a great chance to get the desired post as the applicant is referred by a person who holds a good position in a company. The person who writes this letter on behalf of the applicant should have a well acquaintance with the applicant because the letter is all about the writer’s opinion regarding the skills and performances of the applicant. The letter should deal with the positive qualities of the referred person that should go with the purpose of writing your letter.

Here in the example, an employee of a company writes this letter to the concerned department referring a person for the recruitment of an insurance sales agent.

Work Reference Letter Sample

Jackson Oregon,
13th New Avenue,
Toronto, Canada


Dear Mr. Oregon

In reference to the recruitment for the post of insurance sales agent, I am recommending Marie Higgins to you. For the past one and half year, she has been trying to get this position and reporting to me in this regards. I believe she can justify the role of the insurance sales agent as I know her professionally and worked with her in this field too.

She has knowledge in marketing different insurance products in both corporal and personal packages. She is also very good at demonstrating the products to the client and helps them to fill up the application. Apart from that, she can also handle the payment related issues with a great care.

Marie has the professional skills in marketing and can promote the company’s product to the corporate level. She also has a great convincing power that makes her able to transform the prospect customer to the potential ones.

I hope she is the desired candidate for this post. Feel free to ask me anything regarding her.


Lance Herbert

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