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Resignation Letter 2 Week Notice

A resignation letter 2 week notice period is a very much official letter and it is written as per the terms of a company on your resignation. Every company maintains a certain rule regarding the employee resigning matter and this rule was agreed by the employee at the time of joining. Resignation letter 2 week notice period states that one employee needs to inform the concerned company about his/her resignation at least before the 2 weeks. Write your letter in a formal way and make sure that you maintains the terms of your company regarding your resignation.

Here in the example, an employee of a company writes this letter to the concerned department of a company about his resignation before the 2 weeks as per the term.

Two Weeks Notice Resignation Letter Sample


Gabrielle Kraegen
6 Shirley Street


Oliver H. Berry
Riley & Sons Company
99 Carba Road

25th Dec 2014

Dear Mr. Berry

This letter is to officially inform you about my resignation from the post of the Sales Support in Riley & Sons Company. According to the contract, I am serving for the 2 week notice period as of today and my last day of work will be on 31st dec, 2014.

It would be appreciated if you relieve me from my work before then. It has been a great journey for me with the company. I would like to thank you for supporting me and improving my skills during my tenure of work.

Yours Truly,

Gabrielle Kraegen

Given Below are a few Resignation Letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Resignation Letter due to Pregnancy
Resignation Letter due to New Baby

Resignation Letter Due to Misconduct and Misbehavior of Boss
When you work with an organization, you know that there can be different solutions under which a person has to resign.

Board Resignation Letter
A board resignation letter plays a vital role for a company as it is associated with the resignation.

Professional Resignation Letter
A professional resignation letter is needed when an employee decides to leave his/her job permanently.

Resignation Thank You Letter
Resignation thank you letter is written by an employee in response of accepting is resignation application.

Church Resignation Letter
A church resignation letter as its name says is written for resigning a certain work from a church.

Resignation Acknowledgment Letter
A resignation acknowledgement letter deals with the subject like accepting one’s resignation.

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