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Miscellaneous Letter

Sample Demand for Repairs Letter Format

Demand for Repairs Letter A demand for repair letter is supposed to be sent to the authority which is incharge of the object which needs a repair. Make sure that you include the problem you are facing with [...]

Letter to Express Concern about Team Member

Letter of Concern Example When you come across any information about one of your team members who is required to improve his or her performance then you can always write to them a letter to express concern. This [...]

Code of Conduct for Social Media Use in the Office

It does not matter what industry you are in, it is important that every business has guidelines for the use of social media in the workplace. The social media use in the office code of conduct is very [...]

Letter to your Friend about holiday trip

We are always happy to share about our holiday trips with our family and friends. And therefore, writing an Informal Letter to a Friend about Holiday makes sense. You can always write letter to your friend about your [...]

Suspension Letter to Employee for Misbehaviour

Sometimes misbehavior can be very serious and can even attract suspension as penalty for the actions. If you also have to write a Suspension Letter to Employee for Misbehaviour then make sure that your Job Suspension Letter for [...]

Notice Of Violation Letter Format

Notice Of Violation Letter Template Whenever two parties enter into any kind of legal contract then they have to follow the terms and conditions mentioned in the contract and if one of the parties fails to adhere to [...]

Professional Letter Example and Writing Tips

Whenever you are writing any kind of a business or employment letter, by default you have to write a professional letter regardless of whom you are addressing this letter to. Therefore, it is extremely important that you always [...]

Membership Retention Letter Sample

Membership Renewal Letter Sample Membership retention is when a company aims to keep its customers for an extended period of time as it is a way to keep people connected with your brand. But memberships come with a [...]

Letter to Tenant After Inspection

Write a Simple Letter to Tenant After Inspection

Property owners sometimes conduct periodical inspections of their properties in order to make sure that everything is working fine and all the safety standards are being adhered to. Once the inspection is done, the owner must write a [...]

intimation letter for insurance claim

Intimation Letter Format for Insurance Claim

Insurance Claim Intimation Letter Format If you wish to claim insurance for your vehicle then you need to write a vehicle insurance intimation application letter to the insurance company. The Intimation Letter Format for Insurance Claim is a [...]

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