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Intimation Letter Format for Insurance Claim

intimation letter for insurance claim
Insurance Claim Intimation Letter Format

If you wish to claim insurance for your vehicle then you need to write a vehicle insurance intimation application letter to the insurance company. The Intimation Letter Format for Insurance Claim is a simple letter which includes basic information about the vehicle and insurance along with details about the accident that happened.

In this post, we have come up with an Intimation Letter to Insurance Company for Vehicle Accident which you can use for creating a customized letter.

Sample Intimation Letter for Insurance Claim


Andrew Smith

54, Richmond Apartments


Date: November 30th, 2022


The Insurance Officer

New Era Insurance Company


Sub: Insurance claim for policy number 986512.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I, Andrew Smith, hold a car insurance policy with your company. My car is insured with your company under policy number 986512.

My car met with an accident on November 25th, 2022 in California on Kennedy Street at around 9 pm. I would like to request you to please initiate my application so that I can have the repair charges settled against all the repair that has been done on my vehicle at the earliest.

Here are the details of the vehicle:

Vehicle number: CL 9865

Vehicle model: Honda SUV

Year of manufacturing: 2020

Date of insurance policy: March 1st, 2020

I request you to please guide me through the process of claiming the insurance claim. If you need any other information then please get in touch with me at 9898989898.



Andrew Smith

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