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Insurance Claim Letter

Insurance company provides insurance of life and goods in return of the charges. Services of insurance company make life trouble-free. Though, sometimes a small mistake or carelessness can damage its credibility. If you have faced such disappointment you can make claim for your bad services.

Insurance companies are such large companies dealing with thousand claims a day. A formal letter with relevant information can solve your issue easily. You can write this letter as declaration of your dissatisfaction with the services of an insurance provider. An organized and factual claim letter can settle your complaint in some couple of attempts.

Insurance Claim Letter Sample


Mr. Gove Ben

56 North side Streets

Williams Buildings

Florida 467909


Mr. Michel Bloom


City Insurance Company

7/1 Nishida Apartments

Beseech Lane

Florida 35699

Date: 6 Jun, 2014

Subject: Letter of Insurance Claim for policy no. XX00000

Dear Mr. Bloom,

I am writing this regarding my car insurance claim. My policy number is XX00000. Unfortunately my car (XX00) is hit by a goods carrier wagon on 10 February, 2014. It was in the parking area in front of my home.

A carrier wagon was parked next to my vehicle. That wagon turned from the wrong side at time of departure and broke the head light and smashed my car from at the rear.

I immediately registered my complaint to your customer care and gave the details. But I have not received any call from City Insurance Company regarding inspection or claim settlement. I would like to notify you that I am very disappointed with the delay in your services. Kindly look into my matter at the earliest to settle my claim.

Thank you.


Gove Ben

Given Below are a few Claim letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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