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Claim Letter for Lost Goods

Finding back the lost goods is very tough, if you have missed your luggage during traveling by public transport, in a hotel stay or somewhere out of your home. Getting back your belonging is next to impossible in these cases. A formal letter to claim your lost goods can bring some hope.

A claim letter for lost goods is written in order to claim your missing belongings. It is usually written by the owner of the lost items to the concerned authority responsible for the loss. It could be an airline, hospitality management of hotel/ tour package etc. This is the best way to inform the authority formally about your lost goods. It ensures either they deliver your lost goods or you will get the compensation for your loss by the concerned company.

Sample Claim Letter for Lost Goods


Camilla Grayson

56, Downing Streets

Morris Square

Southampton 678989


Mr. Ernest Philly

Head Ground Duty

New York Airlines

New York

Date: 6 Jun, 2014

Subject: Claim letter for lost luggage

Dear Mr. Philly

This is to notify you about my complaint no- 000XX regarding the lost luggage due to the carelessness of the airlines. I was traveling from New York Airlines from New York to Chicago on 2 February, 2014. XX00 is the airline number and XX000X is my ticket number.

At the time of boarding I was carrying 3 bags. When I reached Chicago I found only one bag. The attendant of the airline was clueless, though he has promised me to find my lost bags and deliver it to my permanent address within 5 days. I have not received any information regarding my lost luggage till date. Those bags were full of my winter clothes. I need them at any cost.

I have enclosed the copy of my complaint, ticket, baggage receipts with this letter. Please take some rapid action and deliver my both bags at earliest.

Yours sincerely

Ernest Philly

Given Below are a few Claim letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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