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6 Tips to Write a Wedding Welcome Letter

A wedding welcome letter carries a good news so that it justify its purpose. Following are the few tips that a writer must keep in mind while writing a welcome letter.

  • The central message of the letter should convey how important and special the person is for you. You can begin the phrase like:
  • We are glad to have a person like you….
  • Please come and make the evening special…
  • Appreciate the receiver. In case you are familiar with the person, use appreciative sentence to acknowledge his contribution.
  • Be genuine and to the point while writing the letter. You should be natural and honest, while appreciating the person. Make sure you are not appreciating incessantly. The letter should be brief.
  • Include such statements that denote the concerned person’s presence is important for you.
  • Mention the key details. The key details must include all the helpful information like important dates, time and venue etc.
  • Close the letter with one sentence that says welcome in some way. Send a gift to create a good impact on the reader. It shows one’s hospitality.

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