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Family Reunion Welcome Letter

A Family reunion is nothing but a gathering of all the family members together to celebrate a special occasion. A family reunion letter is written to invite all the family members to have a get together. Unlike other letters, this letter is a bit informal as this is not written for any professional cause. So, one need not have to worry about the rules to write this letter.

Here, a family member writes this letter to the other one for inviting him a family reunion, which is organized for celebrating third generation of the family.

Family Reunion Welcome Letter Sample


Jane Verne

265 Lindsten str

144 London, UK


John Verne

255 Verdena str

166 London, UK

23st Aug’14

Subject: Family reunion welcome

Dear John,

I am writing this letter to invite you for our family reunion which will be held on 16th may’14. I have booked PLIMSTOLL HOTEL or the reunion. The cost of the room for the singles is 20 pounds and for the doubles, it is 30 pounds per night. Kindly call 9645-688 to reserve your room in the hotel.

We are organizing this reunion to honor the third generation of our family. I am planning to exhibit the photos of the third generation members in the reunion. If you have any clear photo of their younger age, please send it to me along with their biography printed on an A4 sheet. Thank you in advance.

All the best


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