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Sample Donation Request Letter for Cancer Patients

Donation Letter for Cancer Patients
Donation Letter for Cancer Patients

Donation Letter for Cancer patients is a letter drafted by people who are in search of help to raise money for cancer patients and their treatment. Mostly, these donation letter formats are accompanied by some fundraising techniques that include a campaign or event for which a fundraising letter for cancer patients can be drafted. Such donation request letters can be sent to individuals, families, organizations, societies or corporations to request them to come forward and make donations.

Using simple donation letter samples, you can comfortably share the needs of cancer patients and also help recipients understand them in a better way. In this post, we bring to you the donation letter writing tips along with donate letter template.

How to write a Donation Request Letter for Cancer Patients

Here are the points to keep in mind while drafting donation letter for cancer patients. Follow these simple donation letter writing tips to write a perfect donation request letter:

  • Address to the right recipients

You need to address your letter to the people or organizations who are in a position to help you with the cause. They should be the ones who understand the situation and can offer their support.

  • Be specific

Personal touch is very important and therefore, it is important to target a person in your letter instead of keeping it generalized.

  • Grab the attention

Start your letter with powerful words related with the cause that can get the attention of the reader.

  • Share what you are doing

It is important to put forward the details on your project or task that you are doing in relation with cancer patients.

  • Connect their contribution with patients

You must highlight how their contribution can help the cancer patients. This will motivate them to donate.

  • Don’t forget to thank

Thank them for their attention and time they spared for the cause.

  • End your letter with your name, salutation

It is important that the reader knows your name and position in the company which clarifies that you have the authority to request for donation.

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Donation Request Letter for Cancer Patients


Ms. Kathy Yoke
Foundation for Cancer Patients
56, Connaught Place
New York
Ph: 011-23456789

Date: November 5th, 2019


Ms. Patricia Crag
Managing Director
Zenith Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Green Park
New York

Sub: Request for Donation for Cancer Patient

Dear Mr. Goenka,

I, the undersigned, am writing you this letter on behalf of “Foundation for Cancer Patients”, a non-profit organization which is working to provide healthcare facilities to cancer patients in Delhi. Every year our organization organizes a fundraising campaign with an intention to gather funds to help the cancer patients with their treatments.

I request you to extend your support towards the cause by sending us your contribution by demand draft in favour of “Foundation for Cancer Patients”. The collection of the fun will be directed towards all those cancer patients who are unable to get treated because of monetary reasons. We will be using these funds for their medication, surgery and wellness to give them a better life.

Thanking you in anticipation for giving us your time and considering our request for donating funds for cancer patients. If you have any queries about our foundation or the work that we do, please feel free to contact on the number or address shared in the letter.


Kathy Yoke
Foundation for Cancer Patients
New York

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