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Donation Request Letter Format for Solar Energy System

Donation Request Letter for Solar Energy System
Sample Donation Request Letter

Donation Request Letter Format: Governments are giving subsidy to those who are opting for solar energy system as well as various institutions are coming forward to give donation to those who are installing solar energy systems. And in order to avail that donation, we have to write donation request letter to them. Be it solar power for school or for any other institution, an application regarding solar subsidy can make a big difference. This letter is more like a fundraising letter.

In this post, we have come up with a sample application regarding solar subsidy that can be used for creating a customized letter.

Sample Donation Letter Regarding Solar Subsidy


Andrew Jacob


New Age School

New York

Date: May 13, 2022


Mr. Ben Brown


Zenith Technologies

New York

Dear Mr. Brown,


We are extremely thankful for your support in construction of the library at our school. You always have been very supportive with all the development projects that we have taken at our school and this has certainly helped many children in many ways. Your kind support has always infused us with high spirits and has motivated our children to work harder and shine brighter in life.

Considering the rising energy prices as well as increasing energy crisis, we have been facing issues related with electricity. Therefore, the management has decided to opt for solar energy system for the school which will make us self sufficient in our energy requirements as well as help us save on our electricity expenses.

We have approached the government for the same and the cost of having such a set up for an institution like this is coming up to $ 25,000. The government has agreed to support us with a subsidy of $ 10,000 which will certainly be a significant help. But because the amount is so huge, we still need some more donation to have the project going.

Therefore, we would like to request you to support us with a sum of $ 7,500 so that we can successfully have the solar system set up installed at the school.

We are hopeful that you will consider our request for your support and like always, will offer us your kind support in this venture.

We will look forward for your response.

Thanking you.


Andrew Jacob


New Age School

New York

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