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Appraisal Letter Format for Salary Increment

Salary Increment Appraisal Letter Format
Appraisal Letter Salary Format

Appraisal Letter Sample Format: A salary increase is a major milestone in any employee’s career. It’s an important step that can help boost your confidence and satisfaction with your job. A salary increment letter is written to inform the employee about the same. This post contains appraisal letter format for salary, salary increase letter to employee and salary increment letter sample for your reference that will help you draft a customized letter.

Appraisal Letter Format for Salary Increment

July 10, 2022


Mr. Nate Dexter

Employee ID: 123456

123, Street no. 78

California, United States of America

Dear Nate,

We are pleased to inform you that the management has decided to revise your compensation to $ 70,000 per annum with effect from July 27, 2022. The management is happy with your performance and contribution to the organization.

With this increment in pay has come additional responsibilities and work. We appreciate your initiative and expect you to work harder for the future projects. It is all because of employees like you that the company yield’s such tremendous results.

Best Wishes.

Mr. Jonathan K

Chief – Human Resource Department

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