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Salary Request Letter

An employee writes this salary request letter to inform the concerned department of his/her company about the dues in the salary payment. Rather than waiting for the response from the authority regarding this matter, one needs to notify it to the employer and request to solve the matter as early as possible. You should write this letter in a polite way and make your point clear to the authority. As it is a salary request letter, you need to give the details regarding your dues that help your employer to resolve it within a few days.

The example presented below, an employee writes this letter to the concerned department regarding her dues of salary for the month of August.

Salary Request Letter Sample


Rosy McCoy,
Project Leader,
Software Solutions Ltd,


Arnold Ritchie,
Salary Accounts,
Software Solutions Ltd,

15th Jan ‘2015

Dear Mr. Ritchie

I would like to inform you that my salary for the month of August is still not paid to me. I would request you to credit the amount to my account as I have been waiting for the payment for a week.

It would be better if you check the matter and try to manage something regarding my request. In case, you need any documents that aid in your inquiries, you can inform me at any time.

I am looking forward to receive confirmation from you in this regard.

Thanking You,


Rosy McCoy

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