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Invitation Letter

Invitation Letter Format for Opening Ceremony of Hospital

Hospital Opening Ceremony Invitation Letter The letter of invitation for businessperson is a way to formally invite people at large to attend the grand opening of their new venture. A letter to invite over a call is any [...]

Invitation Letter format for Inauguration New Office Opening Ceremony

New Office Opening Invitation Letter Format Setting up a new office is not easy and when it comes to opening ceremony of your new office, you need to send formal invitation letter for inauguration to all your guests. [...]

Dinner Invitation Letter for New Project Inauguration

Launching a new project of a high level is certainly a matter of celebration for an organization and in order to make the grand opening a success an impressive grand opening invitation letter must be sent to the [...]

New Office Inauguration Mail to Employees

New Office Inauguration Mail to Employees

Invitation Mail for New Office Opening Ceremony Employees are like a family and when inaugurating a new office, just like inviting any other guest, a company must also send a new office inauguration mail to employees. The new [...]

Grand Opening Invitation Letter Sample Format

Whether it is a grand opening of your new office, new shop or any other new set up, you need to send across a grand opening invitation letters to your guests to invite them. Opening invitation letter to [...]

Sample Invitation Letters, Formal Invitation letter Format, Templates

Formal Invitation Letter Format Whenever you are having a celebration, you need to send across invitation letters. There are all kinds of reasons to celebrate and by sending across these invitation letters, you invite the person to be [...]

Tips on Writing a Formal Dinner Invitation Letter

Writing a dinner invitation letter seems difficult for many people. To make your letter perfect, you can follow the tips stated below. The letter can be a formal invitation letter or an informal one so according to that [...]

Sample Dinner Invitation Letter

Dinner Invitation Letter

A dinner invitation letter is written to invite friends and colleagues for a dinner for celebrating any occasion or for arranging a casual get together. This letter can be both formal and informal according to the purpose of [...]

Writing a marriage invitation letter to friends is not as easy as it seems. You need to follow some tips to make your letter perfects and those suggestions are given below. You can make it a formal letter [...]

Marriage Invitation Letter to Friends

Marriage Invitation Letter to Friends

A marriage invitation letter to friend should follow an informal way to invite the friend and family in a marriage ceremony. The letter needs to carry the light mood that gives a feeling of delight while reading. The [...]

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