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Dinner Invitation Letter

A dinner invitation letter is written to invite friends and colleagues for a dinner for celebrating any occasion or for arranging a casual get together. This letter can be both formal and informal according to the purpose of writing. Generally, dinner invitation lights the mood and people sometimes arrange this kind party to spend a time with friends or the family members with whom one merely has time to meet. Sometimes, this kind of event is organized to give one a thank you note for his/her helping in your need.

In the example of invitation letter stated below, a couple writes this to invite the friends on returning back to their home again.

Dinner Invitation Letter Sample


Charles & Jane Blackwell

101 Bird Street

Ruidoso, NM 88345

Sep 9, 2014


Mr. & Mrs. Joe Carter

1148 Canary Street

Ruidoso, NM 88345

Dear Joe & Emily

RE: Dinner Invitation

It was a pleasure to meet you both again after almost 3 years gap. I hope all is fine with you. Jane and I are also in a mood to cheer up the time. We feel great being transferred here in our homeland, though the city is same as it was before.

To make the moment joyous, we invite you both to join us for a dinner on Sep 18, 2014 at our home. Jene is eager to taste you some Asian dishes which she has learned while staying in Bangkok, Thailand. You do come to the small get together.

We look forward to your positive response. It would be a great opportunity to make the environment same as it was and without you that will be incomplete.

Your old friend,

Charlie Blackwell

Given Below are a few invitation letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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Marriage Invitation Letter to Friends
A marriage invitation letter to friend should follow an informal way to invite the friend and family in a marriage ceremony.

Job Invitation Letter
A company or an organization issues this job invitation letter to the applicants in order to offer job in respect of the applications.

Party Invitation Letter
A party invitation letter is written when an individual wants to invite friends and colleagues in a party to celebrate a special event.

Invitation Letter for Seminar
An invitation letter, as its name says, it is written to invite the esteemed guest in a seminar.

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A wedding invitation letter, as it name says it greets people to make their presence in a wedding ceremony.

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