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Self Introduction Letter

Self Introduction Letter is written by an individual to introduce himself formally in the work place. There are several examples of introduction letters, for instance, it could be written to initiate in a job, to establish a business rapport with new client, customer and so on. You can write it to introduce yourself in a professional and effective manner. It covers all the relevant information required to introduce the person. It helps to take the initiative to get familiar with customers, clients, coworkers of the organization. It provides your background information to the people and allows you to express your excitement at taking over a new responsibility.

A perfectly worded letter of self introduction informs the recipient about the correspondent’s remarkable achievements, commendable skills, educational and professional qualifications. It tactfully delivers all the points that are required to inform the recipient. If you have recently joined some organization, you can send it to all the current clients and customers of the company.

Self Introduction Letter Sample


Mr. Henry Gerard

Customer Care Executive

Regal Software Solutions

6/87 Wakefield Avenues

8 Marvel Streets

Oland 6689


Ms. Anne Jane

Manager Human Resource

Fidelity Customer Services

67 Lancelot Apartments

7 Morris Streets

Oland 6689

Date: 17 Jun, 2014

Subject: Self Introduction Letter

Dear Ms. Jane,

I, Henry Gerard hereby, introduce myself as a Customer Care Executive of Regal Software Solutions. The purpose of this letter is to inform you that I will be at the service of Fidelity Customer Services as a new representative Regal Software Solutions.

I have joined the company recently. As I have learnt during my training session, you are one of our most commendable customers of our company. I would like to request you to allow me to meet you personally in order to serve you better in future.

I will be an honor for me to visit you in your office at your earliest convenience. I would like to understand the requirement of your company to provide you enhanced services. I want to make the appointment according to your schedule. I am looking ahead to meet you in person. Thank you so much for your consideration.

Yours Truly,

Henry Gerard

Given Below are a few Introduction Letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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Introduction Letter to Customer
A company or an organization writes this introduction letter to a customer to inform about any kind of product and services.

Introduction Letter to Client
Introduction letter to client is the common thing in the business world because whenever a service provider company offers its services to the recipient company

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A company introduction letter is a very common letter in the field of business and a company writes this letter in order to increase its network.

Business Introduction Letter
A business introduction letter is a part of the business ethics that needs to be maintained.

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