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Company Introduction Letter

A company introduction letter is a very common letter in the field of business and a company writes this letter in order to increase its network. It is a formal way to introduce your company for other business entities and the customer to establish a strong position in the market. You should include the details of your work area and how you operate. A company introduction letter is necessary when a company starts a business transaction with another organization.

Here, in the example, a mobile company writes this letter in order to inform its services to another company with whom the company starts its business relation.

Company Introduction Letter Example


Sam T. Dewoody

Flexy Mobile Inc

257 Sycamore Street

Santa Clara, CA 95054

Sep 1, 2014


Larry C. Waller


ABC International

602 Worley Avenue

Appomattox, VA 24522

Dear Waller,

I am happy to present Flexy Mobile Inc to you, which is known for its smart services and quality products. It spends as much as six years as a multi-national company in manufacturing mobiles and handsets. We have already started increasing our numbers in the global market; at present, we have sixty two prime offices across the world and in different states in the United States.

We are basically offering our services to the corporate providers to satisfy their needs in various fields. Our aim is to make a different identity in the world of mobile technology by providing unique and high quality features. To assist you, I attached a company details along with the letter.

It would be appreciated if you give your time to discuss further business possibilities. You will receive a call in this regards very soon.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Sam T. Dewoody

Flexy Mobile Inc

Given Below are a few Introduction Letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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Introduction Letter to Customer
A company or an organization writes this introduction letter to a customer to inform about any kind of product and services.

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Introduction letter to client is the common thing in the business world because whenever a service provider company offers its services to the recipient company

Business Introduction Letter
A business introduction letter is a part of the business ethics that needs to be maintained.

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Self Introduction Letter is written by an individual to introduce himself formally in the work place.

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