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FREE 10+ Business Introduction Letter Samples, Examples, Templates & Writing Tips

The purpose of a business introduction letter is to introduce the company by sharing all the important details concerning the products or services offered by the company. There are business introduction letters to new clients, prospective clients, potential clients, a company, existing clients that give understanding of the business to the recipients. There are different startup company introduction letters and business introduction letter templates available online.

In this post, we have come up with business introduction letter examples along with tips for writing a business introduction letter. These business introduction letter formats in Word, PDF can be customized and these business introduction letter tips can also be incorporated for creating impeccable letters.

How to Write a Business Introduction Letter

Though you can always follow sample business introduction letter but it is always recommended to know the tips for writing business introduction letter to have better understanding:

Express your intent: Whether you are writing letter to your business client or you are writing it to your customer, you must keep the letter customized and specific as per the intent you wish to express.

Start with a powerful statement: Begin your letter with a strong and impressive statement as it is extremely important to create the first impression.

Share the relevant details: Whatever details are important must be shared in the letter in relation with the introduction of your company, product and services.

Keep it precise: Do not make the letter too long as it would get boring for the recipient to read.

Include call to action: It is important to include the call to action so that the recipient can get in touch with your company.

Proofread: Do not send the letter without proofreading it. Make sure there are no errors in it.

Sample Business Introduction Letter


Mr. William Smith
Business Manager
Mega Event Organization
87 World Square
Washington 46578


Ms. Emily Kerr
Public Relation Manager
States Groups of Industries
56, Trading Tower
Washington 657889

Dated: January 24, 2021

Subject: Business Introduction Letter for Corporate Event Organization

Dear Ms Kerr,

I am writing this on behalf of Mega Event Organization to introduce our company who has been a leader in the world of organizing corporate events, for ten glorious years. We have our main office in Washington and more than 20 branches across the European countries. I would like to mention that our impressive list of clients includes top 500 companies of Europe and currently we have more than five hundred employees.

We are extremely interested in working with States Groups of Industries and strongly believe that there are opportunities to deliver you the best in corporate events such as business parties, product launch, and annual celebration and so on.

What distinguishes Mega Event Organization from other corporate event organizing companies is the time and effort we dedicate to understanding our business partners needs and our proven ability to work professionally and perfectly.

You can discuss our proposal with the pertinent department and if you want, we can fix an appointment and meet in person to discuss the business. Kindly contact me at your convenience to discuss this exciting opportunity in greater detail. I can be reached at 00-000-0000.

Thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to hearing from you.


William Smith
Business Manager
Mega Event Organization

Business Introduction Email Format


Anderson Smith
Allen Technology
60, Remington Lane
New York

Date: January 21st, 2021


David John
Gibbs Hardware
18th, Park Avenue
New York

Dear Mr. John,

I, Anderson Smith, am writing on behalf of Allen Technology to introduce our company into the New York markets. I would like to introduce our company to you to share information about the technical support and services offered by our company. Presently, our company is functional in the markets of Chicago and California and we are excited about venturing into new markets in the areas of New York.

As both of our companies belong to the same markets and we offer complementing products, we would be looking forward to have a discussion on how we both can mutually benefit from our services. Allen Technology provides a wide range of technical assistance to companies from different industries and your company excels in providing all kinds of hardware.

We have enclosed a list of our services along with pricing for your reference. Please feel free to get in touch with us at 9898989898 or email us at [email protected] to have a discussion on ideas that can help our businesses prosper.

Looking forward to hear from you.


Anderson Smith
Allen Technology
New York

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