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Business Introduction Letter to Prospective Clients

Business Introduction Letter to Prospective Clients Format, example template
Business Introduction Letter to Prospective Clients

Businesses are always vigilant about their prospective clients as these prospective clients are a lucrative opportunity for them to expand. In such a situation, business introduction letter to prospective clients plays an important role as it introduces the products and services of your business to them in a formal manner. An impressive new business introduction letter to prospective clients is a smart way to establish a communication between your business and prospective clients. Just like writing business introduction letter to new clients, it is important to write introduction letter to prospective clients.

In this post, we bring business introduction letter format for prospective clients and customers for you. You can use this introduction letter template to create your own letter.

Business Introduction Letter Sample for Prospective Clients


Anderson Smith
Marketing Manager
Professional IT Services
60, Remington Lane
New York

Date: February 4th, 2021


David John
Rene Group of Hotels
18th, Park Avenue
New York

Dear Mr. John,

I, Anderson Smith, the Marketing Manager of Professional IT Services, would like to introduce to you my company’s IT support services and wide range of software designed for different industries. Since 2000, our company has been specializing in offering professional services related with IT for all kinds of business and personal needs.

I have attached a list of IT related services offered by our company that are extremely helpful in taking care of different IT needs of your business in a proficient manner. We have many prestigious clients from the hotel industry as well who have been using our hotel related software for easy and hassle-free working and some of these names include Remington Hotels, Premium Hotels, Invictus Hotels and many more. We have been associated with these prestigious names in the industry and have been providing our IT services to them for years.

Please feel free to connect with us at 9898989898 or simply email us your business requirements at [email protected] and we can discuss the different IT services suitable for your business and company.

We also offer a wide range of packages depending upon your budget that make pocket-friendly choices. You can select from these pre-designed packages or simply have custom made packages designed as per the need of your company to enjoy the best of the services personalized just for your business.

Looking forward to hear from you.


Anderson Smith
Marketing Manager
Professional IT Services

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