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Job Introduction Letter

A job introduction letter is very common in nature as an applicant needs to take the help of this letter while applying for the job. It is basically pointing out the important qualities of a candidate that according to the applied field. This letter is sometimes necessary for the recruiters part because they do not have so much time to read the all the resumes received for a certain job opening. This letter highlights the some important factor that a recruiter may search for.

Here in the example stated below, an applicant writes this letter in respect of a recruitment process for the post of senior operation manager. He sends this letter along with his resume to make an impression before the recruiter.

Job Introduction Letter Example


The corporate director

MNI Company

South Ave.

Manila 8000

Date: September 2, 2014

Dear Sir

In response to your job opening for the post of senior operation manager, I am writing this letter to apply for this vacancy. Please see enclosed a copy of my resume.

My education and work experience details are as follows. I was working for Global company as a business process manager for the two years and during that time, I have learnt how to tackle any problem skillfully. My work experience and educational qualification can meet your requirement, what you are searching. Apart from that, my leadership quality should match with the goodwill of your company. All my skills make me confident for this post.

As my hobby is concerned, I love to play football and bowling; in addition, I am a fan of wildlife.

Hoping for your immediate response,

Respectfully Yours,


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