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Recommendation Letter for a Teenager for Job

Recommendation Letter for a Teenager for Job
Letter Of Recommendation For a Teenager

The Letter of Recommendation is a way of recommending someone for a particular job. The Letter Of Recommendation For A Teenager is not just limited to a job but it also works well in case of internship or management training. The Recommendation Letter for a Teenager for Job is a formal way of recommending a candidate to a company by highlighting the skills and experience of the candidate.

In this post, we bring to you a sample of Recommendation Letter for a Teenager. You can use this Recommendation Letter format to create a personalized letter.

Letter Format of Recommendation for a Teenager for Job


Arthur Gibbs

Associate Professor

New York University

New York

Date: June 15, 2022


Mr. Richard Smith

HR Manager

Zenith Technologies

New York

Dear Mr. Richard,

I am really grateful that you asked me for a recommendation for the vacancy in your company for the profile of Marketing Intern. I am really happy to write a letter of recommendation for Mr. John Ray, a young and talented student of mine who excels in the field of marketing. He has been my management student from last three years. He not only holds an impressive academic record but he also has immense potential to perform which he has proven from time to time during his internship and otherwise.

I would like to recommend him for this post. He is pursuing his management with Marketing as his major. I strongly believe that he is going to clear all the stages of the interview in your company and will handle all the obstacles very skillfully. From last two years, he has been an excellent student. He has worked on many projects and has participated in many competitions on national level where he has shown impressive performance.

He is a dedicated, committed and hardworking individual. He is born with impeccable communication skills which make him a very smart negotiator. His strength lies in this leadership qualities but he is also a wonderful team worker.

I would strongly recommend you to hire him for the vacancy and you will be really happy to have onboard. He will surely prove to be an unmatched asset for your company. For any more details, please get in touch with me.


Arthur Gibbs

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