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Recommendation Request Letter

A recommendation request letter is made by an individual who wish to get recommended by a person holding some authority in the same field of interest. As it is a request letter, your tone should be polite and the letter should give the complete details of you as well as your abilities in the concerned area for which you need this recommendation letter. In the letter, the applicant needs to introduce himself/herself in a proper way so that the concerned person writes the recommendation letter without missing anything. Maintain a formal way to communicate with the person.

In the example stated below, a student writes this recommendation request letter to a concerned authority in order to get a chance to study in a prestigious college for his higher study.

Recommendation Request Letter Example

523 Lost Heights,
Sta. Maria,

Dear Mrs. Rona,

I am writing this letter to seek your recommendation to complete my higher study from a prestigious college. I provide you all essential information that helps you to write the recommendation letter for me.

The important documents are attached along with the letter, which give details of my academic background. Some skills, I would like to state in this letter that present my personality that include hardworking, helpful to other students, and always stay active in any academic challenge. Apart from that as a student, I always get a positive report from the teachers as well as I love to participate in any academic project, even I am awarded for my science project too.

If you need any further information, you can contact me at anytime. Your help is appreciated.

Thank you.

Truly Yours,

Kristian Moore

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