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Professional Recommendation Letter

A professional recommendation letter is written to recommend one professionally according to the field of interest. The letter can be used for the educational and professional purpose and whatever be its field, the reason is same. The professional recommendation letter must carry the information regarding the concerned person’s skill and qualification in a convincing way. The person who writes this letter should share a very good professional and personal relation so that the reader can understand the reliability of the content. All important data regarding the recommended person should be given in the letter.

Here in the example, a CEO of a company writes this recommendation letter to another company to recommend an employee for the post of front desk supervisor.

Professional Recommendation Letter Sample


Mark H. Herbert
General Manager
TRFG Company
2047 Bruce Street
Saint Louis, MO 63108


Mr. Paul S. Kent
General Manager
HYTRD Hotels
2879 Southern Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50313

Dear Mr. Kent,

I am writing this letter to recommend Ms. Cynthia McConnell for the post of accountant clerk in your company. At present, she is our employee in post of accountant clerk for almost eight years. The reason behind joining your company is that she and her family decided to move Tennessee permanently and it would be really troublesome for her to continue her employment from our company.

This recommendation letter made for her for the stated post in your company. We do not frequently write the recommendation letter, but she deserves it. A recent resume along with her employment date is attached to the letter for your further inquiry.

Hope the information can satisfy your need.

Thanking you,

Chantel Russo

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