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Job Recommendation Letter

A job recommendation letter, as its name says, it is written to recommend an individual for a certain post in a company. The person who writes this letter should share a good personal and professional relation to the applicant; along with that the person also holds a good position professionally. As it is a job recommendation letter, the skill of the concerned person should be explained in a detail way that perfectly matches the criteria for the post. Apart from that the personal quality and the work experience should be given in an attractive way so that employer cannot hesitate to choose him.

Here in the example, a general manager of a company writes this letter to recommend an individual for a certain post in a company, with whom he has a great acquaintance both professionally and personally.

Job Recommendation Letter Sample


Mark H. Herbert
General Manager
TRFG Company
2047 Bruce Street
Saint Louis, MO 63108


Mr. Paul S. Kent
General Manager
HYTRD Hotels
2879 Southern Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50313

Dear Mr. Kent,

I gladly recommend Mr. Gerard Heilo for the post of Front Desk Supervisor in your company. As per as I know him, he is a source of positive energy and has a great skill to handle any tough situation with a smiling face.

I know Mr. Gerard Heilo for 11 years and as per my knowledge, he is the most desirable candidate for this post so that it gives me a pleasure to write this letter for him. His spirited nature and enthusiasm definitely bring energy in your work force.

If you have any query, please feel free to ask anything.

Thanks for your time.

Yours Truly,

Mark H. Herbert

Given Below are a few Recommendation Letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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Professional Recommendation Letter
A professional recommendation letter is written to recommend one professionally according to the field of interest.

Recommendation Letter for Colleague
A recommendation letter for colleague is written to recommend a colleague for a post within a company.

Recommendation Letter for Higher Studies
A recommendation letter for higher studies is written to recommend a student for getting higher study.

Scholarship Recommendation Letter
A scholarship recommendation letter is made for a person who deserves a scholarship.

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