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Scholarship Recommendation Letter

A scholarship recommendation letter is made for a person who deserves a scholarship to continue his education. A person who writes this letter should share a good position in the educational field so that the letter easily gets approved by the organization under which the scholarship program is conducted. The letter gives the details about the applicant that include both of his/her educational and economic background. As the scholarship program is only for the needy students, the writer should understand its sense and presents the student’s qualification and performance accordingly.

Here in the example, a teacher writes this letter to recommend a student for a certain scholarship program as the student is a desire candidate for the scholarship.

Scholarship Recommendation Letter Example


Herbert A. Heilo
Department of Mathematics
University of North Carolina
1826 Rockwell Lane
Elizabeth City, NC 27909


Gerard Lance A. Muss
Gerard M. Scholarship Foundation
3382 Gregory Lane
Louisville, KY 40202

November 04, 2015

Ref: Recommendation for Mr. Kent Martin A. Leonen as the Recipient of the Gerard M. Scholarship Foundation Award

Dear Mr. Muss,

I would like to recommend the name of Mr. Kent Martin A. Leonen for the Gerard M. Scholarship Foundation Award. I know Mr. Leonen for the four years and observe his skills and intelligence at very closely.

He is a very hard working and genuine person and despite having lots of odds in his path, he always scores top in the class. It is no doubt to say, he is the inspiration of many students. He has already received many awards as the reward of his academic success, but still he faces lots of challenges to carry on his study. At present, he is working in a library; and along with it, he maintains his teaching job to carry the expenses of the higher study. His determination towards his aim leads me to write this letter.

I gladly recommend him for the scholarship because the student like him needs support to grow big.

I hope you consider my recommendation.

Yours Truly,


Herbert A. Heilo

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