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Scholarship Letter of Recommendation

Writing a scholarship letter of recommendation is not a small responsibility. This is so because if you are suggesting someone’s name for scholarship then you need to be very sure of the reasons because of which you are making such a recommendation. It must contain all the important information like what is your relationship with the student, since how long have you known him along with other details on his abilities and performances which have compelled you to pen this letter.

If you have taken the responsibility of recommending someone that you know then you must make sure that you write an informative and clean letter talking on all important points. If you are not sure of how to begin writing such a letter then follow the template format given below to know the professional way of drafting the letter.

Example of Scholarship Letter of Recommendation

Date: 18.03.15

Mathew Jacob

54, Richmond Street,

New York

Dear Mr. Jacob,

I wish to recommend Mr. Suzan Smith for Future Enlightenment Scholarship Program. I have known her from past three years during which she was studying humanities at Hilton State University.

Suzan is an extremely dedicated and passionate student. She has always been an inspiration for all the other students in college. Her passion to pursue her studies has motivated her to take up a job to face the financial constraints and keep her studies going. Despite all the financial hardships, she has very gracefully managed to keep her studies going. She has been excellent in her academics. She has also been an active participant in all sorts of extra-curricular activities. She has also won many awards and certificates in academics and sports. After her school, she has been managing her college fee independently by doing a part-time job and providing tuitions to school children.

Suzan is an extremely kind, humble, intelligent and dedicated person who doesn’t give up even in the worst of the situations. She has always given her best in anything and everything that she has been a part of. She is very helpful to all the people around her because of which all her batch mates love her.

I feel she is the right candidate for Future Enlightenment Scholarship Program and hence I recommend her name for the same. I am sure if she is offered some help, she can reach her goals. She understands the value of money and she is extremely passionate about studies. She is someone who has worked really very hard to get the basic education. And I am sure that she will bring more laurels to our college.


Samantha Brown

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