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Sympathy Letter for Loss of Father

Every child has the most special relationship with his father. A father is the first teacher, a guide, a care-taker, a friend and a problem solver for every child. Loss of father is the biggest loss for any person. It is one of the weakest moments of life when you need all the strengths and blessings of all the people around you.

If you have a friend or colleague who has lost his or her father then you must express your feelings on his or her loss by writing a personalized sympathy letter for loss of father. To help find the right set of words, here is a format template to assist you with framing a beautiful letter which can express your deep feelings in words.

Sample Sympathy Letter for Loss of Father

Chrish James

12 Crimson Road

New York


Date: March 23, 2015.

Dear Chrish,

I am extremely sorry on your loss. Though I never had a chance to meet your father, but I know how attached you were with him. He was not just your father, he was also a dear friend and great guide in your life and I can understand that how you must be feeling when he is not there.

Gradually, his sweet memories with soothe you. You should feel happy that he lived as a healthy and happy man and when he took his last breathe; you and your family were there with him. He left his body without any incomplete wishes.He died as a happy man. He lived to see your successes and play with your kids. Moreover, he did not suffer from any illness or physical discomfort. Even in his last days, he was all fit and healthy.

Make sure that you find enough time to grieve. Losing a parent is the biggest loss in life and we all take time to recover from such a heavy loss. When my mother passed away, it took me two years to get back to my normal life and of course you were my biggest support during that phase.

I wish I could be there with you, sitting next to you, hugging you tight and telling you in person that everything will be fine. But I am in a different country on some project and I shall soon come to you.

May god give you and your family strength to deal with the loss. May your father’s soul rest in peace.

Take care.

John Mathew

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