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Recommendation Letter for Colleague

A recommendation letter for colleague is written to recommend a colleague for a post within a company. Many companies prefer recommendation letter to recruit for a post so that the letter should be written in an attractive and interesting way that depicts the skill and performance of the recommended person. As one writes this letter on behalf of another, the letter always has a great potential to be approved by the concerned department. Apart from that, the writer should have a sound knowledge of that person for which the letter is written.

Here in the example, the recommendation letter is made for a colleague for attaining the managerial post in a company.

Sample Recommendation Letter for Colleague


Chris Huygens,
Transport Department,
Relota International,
5738, Delitte Avenue,
Trosh, BG 4723


Mr. Lawrence Lopet,
Chief Executive Officer,
Relota International,
5738, Delitte Avenue,
Trosh, BG 4723

23rd November 2015.

Dear Sir,


I am gladly writing this letter to recommend a suitable candidate for the managerial post, as per your stated requirements. I am recommending Mr. Mart Lowell for this post because I know he will justify the role with full dedication. He is a long-standing colleague of mine and we got the education from the same institution and apart from that, I also had experience working together during our industrial training.

With the sense of honesty, I recommend Mr. Mart Lowell for this post and I hope his hard working ability will prove beneficial to our company.

Yours faithfully,

Chris Huygens,

Chief Transport Officer.

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