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Recommendation Letter for Higher Studies

A recommendation letter for higher studies is written to recommend a student for getting higher study from an educational institution. Generally an educational authority of that student writes this letter to the concerned department as to recommend the student. The body of the letter should contain the information, including the student’s educational background, behavioral skills and other academic issue. The letter should be written in favor of the student for his/her admission.

Here in the example, a school authority writes this letter to recommend a student for getting higher study from another educational institution.

Example of Recommendation Letter for Higher Studies


Ronald Moss,
School Trustee,
James Higher Secondary School,
23 Lake Drive lane
Sussex County, United Kingdom

Subject: Recommendation for higher studies

Dear Sir,

The purpose of this letter is to recommend a student for getting higher studies from your educational institution. The name of the student is Luke Kenny and he has finished his eighth standard from our school. He is a very disciplined and obedient student and very helpful to others.

He always scores good marks in the exam and has an interest in sport too. The reason behind such recommendation letter is as his father moved to Sussex County, he needs to join a new school to continue his study.

I hope you consider my recommendation letter.

Thanking you,

Noel Lee,

Principal, Flower School.

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