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Continue Working Letter of Intent Template and Example

Continue Working Letter of Intent Example
Continue Working Letter of Intent

When the employment contract is about to come to an end and the employee wishes to continue working with the company then he or she can express the intent by writing a letter of intent to continue working. The purpose of contract renewal letter template is a way of convincing the employee that why should they renew the contract.

In this post, we have come up with a continue working letter of intent example which can be used for creating a customized letter in such a situation in order to express your intent to work in a formal manner.

Letter of Intent to Continue Working (With Samples)


Mathew March

54, Andy Street


Date: December 11, 2022


Mr. Robin Smith


Zenith Technologies


Dear Mr. Robin,

I, Mathew March, am writing this letter to formally request you to renew my employment contract with Zenith Technologies which is going to end on December 24th, 2022.

During these three years with Zenith Technologies, I had a chance to work under one of the best mentors and with the best team who always inspired me to work better. Working here not only gave me the exposure I was looking for but also helped me rise higher in my carrier. I thoroughly enjoyed working here and that’s why I would like to humbly request you kindly extend my contract for an addition year i.e. till December 24th, 2023.

I feel that by the end of another year, I will be able to take the present projects that I am working on to a closure with better results and lesser time as I am in depth knowledge of these projects and I have been working on them since their inception. This will certainly help Zenith Technologies grow as these projects promise a brighter future for the organization.

I will be really honored if you allow me to continue working with Zenith Technologies as the Project Manager for the two projects I am working on and I will assure successful and timely completion of these projects for better growth and success of Zenith Technologies. In case my contract is not renewed and you still need my help then please feel free to call me at 9898989898.


Mathew March

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