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Letter of Intent for Promotion

A letter of intent for promotion is written to make a company’s management aware about an employee’s desire to be promoted to a certain post. An aspiring employee writes this letter to express his/her skills and qualification before the management team in order to justify his/her intent to get a promotion within a company. The letter should be handled in an interesting way to convince your reader about your quality to handle the responsibility that you desired.

In the example provided below, an employee of a company writes this letter to the management team in order to inform his desire for the sales manager post on the basis of his experience and skills.

Letter of Intent for Promotion Example


Bob Goward

14 Vernes str

4545 London, UK


Victor Sines

85 Verona str

69985 London, UK

Date: 14.12.14

Subject: Letter of intent for promotion

Dear Mr. Sines,

This letter is to convey my wish to you about my promotion to the sales manager in your company. You have already rewarded my qualification as being included in the top ten employee list; along with that, I have 8 years experience as a supervisor in the sales field.

I can assure that my skill and performance can prove benefits for the company and as I have been a part of the company for 8 years, I know which strategies will be the best for increasing the sale of the company. I have also no issue to face the interview for the post and I will be glad if you think over the matter and let me know.

Hope you understand my qualification.

Thank you in advance.


Bob Goward

Given Below are a few Promotion Letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Letter of Intent for a Job Conveys
Promotion Letter to Manager

A promotion letter to manager is written to inform an employee about his/her promotion to the managerial post.

Sales Promotion Letter
A sales promotion letter is written to promote the products or services of a company.

Job Promotion Letter
A job promotion letter, as its name says, it is written to congratulate one for being promoted to a new role within an organization.

Business Promotion Letter
A company or an organization writes this business promotion letter to its employee in order to inform his/her promotion.

Promotion Letter for Employee
Promotion letter for employee is an official document issued by an organization to declare the promotion of a particular employee formally.

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