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Sales Promotion Letter

A sales promotion letter is written to promote the products or services of a company. This letter works as a marketing tool for a company where the products are being promoted in an attractive way. The letter is very important when a company or an organization is going to launch a products or product ideas in the market. To make the people aware about it, the letter helps to cater the information to the clients. Apart from giving details of the product, the letter also contains the information about the company.

Here in the example, a company writes this letter to its client to inform them about their new Christmas Eve offers.

Sales Promotion Letter Sample


Angela A. Holmes

Marketing Manager

MJYU Market

1558 Fantages Way

Bangor, ME 04401


Mr. Brandon K. Holifield

1044 Brown Street

Walnut Creek, CA 94596

November 18, 2014

Ref: Yuletide Season Offer


Dear Mr. Holifield,

The MJYU Market is excited to announce its Christmas Eve offer to you. You can win a vacation for your family for purchasing of chicken. Isn’t it a great idea to celebrate the Christmas mood in the Disney land? If you are lucky enough, you can win the raffle draw which brings the happy trip to you.

Every purchase of chicken, we give you a raffle ticket that is followed by a raffle draw where the Christmas vacation is waiting for you. So, now leave the tension behind and get ready to celebrate the festive mood with us.

What are waiting for? Buy a chicken and come close to this offer. We make the arrangements of the vacation as per your opinion that means the offer is our, but the date is yours. For your four members of the family, it will be an amazing surprise.

Go to the nearest outlet for the complete details.

Yours Truly,

Angela A. Holmes

Given Below are a few Promotion Letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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A letter of intent for promotion is written to make a company’s management aware about an employee’s desire to be promoted to a certain post.

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A promotion recommendation letter is written to recommend an employee for the promotion of his post within a certain company.

Product Promotion Letter
A product promotion letter is an effective tool of marketing that helps to promote any product to the customer and its clients in an attractive way.

Promotion Thank You Letter
A promotion thank you letter is written after getting promoted to a new post.

Promotion Request Letter
A promotion request letter, as its name says, it is a written request for a promotion to the management team of a company or an organization.

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