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Sales Letter for New Product

The purpose of sending a sales letter by a business is to introduce the products and services to the customer and the prospects. It is a formal letter which talks about the new product that the company is launching. If you are also launching a new product then it is always good to have a professionally framed sales letter for the same which consists of a few basic and important features of the product which create some kind of interest in the mind of the consumer.

Here is an example sample for the sales letter for new product to help you have an idea about creating a personalized letter to inform your customers about the new offering. Use it as the reference for writing your own customized letter.

Sales Letter for New Product

Natural Diet Products Limited,

12 Richmond Street


Date: 14.03.15

Ms. Mary Holmes
45 Mountbatten Apartments

New York

Dear Ms. Mary Holmes,

Our company is very happy to announce the launch of our new diet product “Multigrain Cookies” with great pleasure to you.

It is one of the healthiest cookies in the market which have been made using a combination of grains which are easy to digest and also very nutritious. We have come with a formulation which contains wheat flour along with oats, buckwheat, flax and millet. This makes them a healthy combination. These cookies are priced at very low cost so that you can easy make them a part of your lifestyle over those unhealthy biscuits in the market.

It is humble request to you to please try these amazing cookies which are not just nutritious but are also very delicious. We are sure that you are going to love the taste of these wonderful cookies. Our senior sale men will be ready to keep in touch with you to help you know more about our new product.

Thanking You


Robin Samson

(Vice President-Sales)

Given Below are a few Sales Letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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