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Vehicle Sales Letter

There are some companies who deal with used cars. They are the ones which provide second hand cars for sale. Vehicle sales letter is an important document for them which help them frame detailed letter consisting of information which can allure the buyers to make purchases and hence increase the sales. It is also a great tool to keep your prospects aware about your company and make sales happen.

If you are not very clear about how to begin writing vehicle sales letter to promote your business and inform your customers and prospects about it then here is an example format to help you frame a personalized letter which will give a boost to your sales.

Format for Vehicle Sales Letter


Best Value Motors


Date: March 20th, 2015


Mr. Andrew Smith

Purchasing Manager

ABC Corporation

42 Richmond Street


Dear Mr. Smith

We, at Best Value Motors deal in selling and buying of used cars. Our experts observed that there has been a fall in demand for small new cars as they are difficult to maintain because of expensive spare parts. The charm and zeal of purchasing a brand new car has faded because buyers have shifted their interest towards purchasing used cars because they are financially viable. These nearly new cars selected by our team are just like the new cars which have low running. We give them a fresh and new feel by doing a bit of refurbishment, if required.

We have come to know that your company purchases care which are given to the employees in order to make their working smooth. As a purchase manager, you have to select something that is quality product and doesn’t cost much to your company. These nearly new cars are perfect for this requirement as they can be used for covering longer distances and are also very much resistant to the wear and tear. These cars promise the best deal for you.

Looking forward for your response. Your consideration will be highly appreciated.

Thanking You.


Best Value Motors


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