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Persuasive Sales Letter

There are all kinds of letters in business and persuasive letter are those types of letters which are written with an intention to influence the behavior, belief or idea of others. Such drafts need to be framed wisely. They need to have something unique that has the potential to win the attention of the reader and make him interested in the product or service. Such drafts are framed using informal tones that are friendly and have normal language instead of technical jargon.

If you have to design such a persuasive sales letter to promote your product then follow the template format given below for reference. Use the sample as the basis for creating a personalized letter in the most efficient way.

Persuasive Sales Letter Example


Hugh Jackson

Marketing Head

Heritage Resorts


Date: March 20th, 2015


Mr. Andrew Smith

42 Richmond Street


Dear Mr. Smith

Subject: An Offer Too Good to Resist

Before you hit the delete button, take two seconds to read a few lines below that have something amazing to offer.

Imagine yourself talking a walk on the beach and enjoying the sunset when the soft breeze soothes your sense. You are sipping on the porch of your luxury suits sipping high tea and enjoying the serene view of the sunset.

Well, a perfect getaway holiday is what your soul desires. Away from the congestion of city life, away from telephones, meetings and stress at work. All your body, soul and mind demand is a place where you can relax and rejuvenate, where you can enjoy a sound sleep, pamper yourself with comforting massages and spas and enjoy delicious food.

Welcome to beautiful Heritage Resorts. We promise to make your stay memorable with our impeccable services customized as per your specifications, sumptuous food, delightful view and various other luxuries to help you have the most relaxing holiday.

One of our recent visitors said, “When I reached here, I was frustrated and irritated because of stress at work and personal life. But during my stay of 5 days, I feel like a different person. My wife also loved this amazing place and adored the transformation in my nature. I feel so relaxed and relieved. I am surely going to visit this gorgeous place again which offers exceptional food and services.”

To make your trip all the alluring, we are offering 45% discount on rooms on account of our first anniversary. You can also enjoy a discount of 20% on foods and beverages. So grab this opportunity before it’s late. Call 123-456-78 to know more and make bookings.

Thanking You.

Hugh Jackson

Marketing Head

Heritage Resorts

Given Below are a few Sales Letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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Follow up sales letter is an official letter written by the sales department of a particular.

Email Sales Letter
Emails help you connect easily with your customers and potential prospects.

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Business is all about creating and maintaining good relationship with customers.

Vehicle Sales Letter
There are some companies who deal with used cars. They are the ones which provide second hand cars for sale.

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