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Sales Letter to Customer

Business is all about creating and maintaining good relationship with customers. Those companies grow faster who have a big pool of satisfied clients and customers. To keep your relationship strong, it is important that you keep them informed about different offers, new product launch and any other event that your company is organizing and your customer can benefit from it. This will not only give you better sales but also a stronger relationship.

Here is an example format of sales letter to customer which you can use as the reference for writing a personalized letter to your clients and enjoy a beautiful professional relationship with them.

Example of Sales Letter to Customer

Natural Beauty Products Limited,
12 Richmond Street

Date: 14.03.15

Ms. Mary Holmes
Herbal Saloon
45 Mountbatten Apartments
New York

Dear Ms. Mary Holmes,

Subject: Flat 15% Discount on Facial Creams and Massage Creams


You are a precious customer to Natural Beauty Products Limited. Your saloon has been a regular buyer of our quality beauty products.

This letter is to inform you that our company is offering a discount of flat 15% on the facial creams and massage creams. This is a limited period offer which starts from 15.03.15 till 30.03.15. You can make the best use of this offer by shopping from the widest range of facial creams and massage creams by Natural Beauty Products Limited at cheaper prices. So buy for less and look all the more gorgeous.

Our sales person will soon get in touch with you in case you are interested in availing this offer. He will process all your needs at the earliest.


Ana Hathaway

Marketing Manager,

Natural Beauty Products Limited

Given Below are a few Sales Letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Follow-up Sales Letter
Follow up sales letter is an official letter written by the sales department of a particular.

Email Sales Letter
Emails help you connect easily with your customers and potential prospects.

Persuasive Sales Letter
There are all kinds of letters in business and persuasive letter are those types of letters.

Vehicle Sales Letter
There are some companies who deal with used cars. They are the ones which provide second hand cars for sale.

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