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Email Sales Letter

Emails help you connect easily with your customers and potential prospects. But it depends on how smartly you use this opportunity to create impressive email sales letter that can bring you business. The most important point while writing such a draft is to tell your potential customers how will this product or service purchase will help them with amazing benefits. If you are not able to put across these benefits at the earliest, you will lose the client. Your customer is not going to spend even one extra second reading your mail.

If you are required to write an official email sales letter on behalf of your company then here the example format given for your reference which you must follow in order to frame an engaging letter which compels your customers to spend enough time reading your mail and also motivating them to make a purchase.

Example of Email Sales Letter

ABC Publications

557 Park Avenue Lane, Texas 123 123

(111) 123-456

March 20th, 2015

Dear Mrs. Smith,

After a hectic day at work, preparing a delicious nutritious meal for your family looks like a big task. But you cannot compromise on your family’s health. We have an enthralling recipe collection showcasing tasty and healthy low-fat dinner recipes that include lots of vegetarian and non-vegetarian main course dishes and desserts that take less than thirty minutes to cook.

Please find our “Tasty and Quick Recipe” cooking brochure attached with the mail consisting of five delicious recipes for free. Each recipe comes with an attractive picture of the prepared dish followed by ingredients required for the dish and a simple and step-wise process of preparing it to help you cook flawless meals every time. You will be surprised how quickly you can prepare these dishes and how delicious they taste. Give your family a healthy and tasty treat every day.

Have a look at this brochure and select the category of recipes that match the taste buds of your family the best and call on our toll-free number (111) 123-4567 to place your order.


Ana Mathew

Marketing Head, ABC Publications

Given Below are a few Sales Letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Follow-up Sales Letter
Follow up sales letter is an official letter written by the sales department of a particular.

Sales Letter to Customer
Business is all about creating and maintaining good relationship with customers.

Persuasive Sales Letter
There are all kinds of letters in business and persuasive letter are those types of letters.

Vehicle Sales Letter
There are some companies who deal with used cars. They are the ones which provide second hand cars for sale.

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