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9 Ways to Writing Successful Resignation Acknowledgment Letter

Writing a resignation acknowledgement letter is nothing but stating the acknowledgement issue in a perfect manner. You can use the tips to write your letter.

  • You need to draft your letter in a formal style as you are communicating with your employee for a professional reason.
  • The tone of the letter must be polite because it states your acceptance of a resignation application, which is sent by an employee earlier.
  • You can give your letter a subject that gives the initial idea of writing your letter so that your reader can understand what the letter is about before reading it.
  • You can mention your company’s name in your letter as you are writing it on behalf of your company.
  • State the main reason in a very clear way so that your reader gets the information without any doubt.
  • You should state the date of the resignation application, in which response you are writing this letter for your reader.
  • If any further information needs to be cleared, especially the payment related issue, you should mention it in your letter.
  • Add some sentenced for appreciating the concerned employee’s service and wish him/her the best of luck for the future.
  • Conclude your letter professionally maintaining a polite tone throughout the letter.

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